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Technical assist bulletins

Providing an up to date point of reference for all industry / standards issues, the Technical Assist bulletins, published on a bi-monthly basis, provide an ‘easy to understand’ overview of the topics ‘you want to hear about’.

The following are examples of previous bulletins. Under each you will find a link to the relevant PDF. To view PDF files you'll also need the free Adobe® Reader® available from Adobe.


Understand the meaning of all the little pictures (logos) found on the bottom of letter headed paper, compliments slips, web pages etc. and see the section headings of the Building Regulations for England and Wales in one listing.

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Compliance with The Code for Sustainable Homes was made mandatory from 2008, its aim is to gradually improve new building construction by applying a star rating from 1* to 6* with an ultimate goal of ensuring all new dwellings achieve zero carbon by 2016.

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Where in the World

Most, if not all, PVC-U formulations extruded in the UK are produced to withstand the radiation given off in the northern hemisphere; this map indicates where in the world the profile can be used and still be accompanied with a guarantee.

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Recovinyl is a European initiative, heavily supported by the UK in which an infrastructure has been set up to collect and recycle ‘post-consumer’ waste windows rather than send them to landfill.

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Secured By Design is a Police initiative, managed by ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) with a mission to reduce crime, they assess and advise on all aspects of security.

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European Standards

BSEN 14351 – the new European Standard for windows and doors is coming into effect as from February 2010. It will be mandatory for those fabricating to comply with the UK’s requirements; it will also make it easier from the above date to CE mark windows and doors for export

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Understanding Building Regulations

The requirements for ‘means of escape’ in dwelling houses can sometimes be confusing, this newsletter attempts to clarify the Building Regulation requirements for multiple storeys.

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Energy Efficiency

Everyone is talking about Energy Efficient products; this newsletter outlines the requirements for windows, what the building Regulations require and how to achieve it.

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Ensuring Compliance

Further warning of the imminent introduction of EN 14351 in February 2010 and how to ensure compliance.

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Efficient glass - how it works

Glass terminology explained, with the ever increasing drive to improve the thermal performance of our windows, it is nice to understand the component make-up of glass sealed units.

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Effects of fire on PVC

An introduction into the effect of fire on PVC windows and doors with reference to a major investigation and report into the subject commissioned by the British Plastics Federation in the 70’s and 80’s.

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Thermal simulations, for the purposes of BFRC Window Energy Rated windows explained, what are they and who can do them?

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Building Control

With more instances of Building Control Officers questioning the ability of storey height screens meeting the requirement of BS6399 part 1 after installation, we outline the requirements and suggest checking first!.

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