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Griffin Windows


When dealing with Griffin, you can be confident that every effort will be made by our experienced team to look after you and your customers, ensuring that all your requirements and expectations are met.

Customer centric

At Griffin Windows we pride ourselves on our totally customer centric approach; committed to supporting our customers’ business needs, we offer a superior product range, prompt service and industry leading technical support.

Dedicated team

Our experienced team are totally committed to ensuring our customers' businesses run smoothly; at Griffin we 'live the business' - and yours. We remain focussed on supporting our customers to grow and keeping ahead of the market.

Extensive product offering

We are proud of our superior product range and have a dedicated product development team to ensure we're always at the forefront of the market, giving our customers a competitive edge. Our fully featured window system is available in a full range of foil finishes and is supplied with the high security Sac shootbolt as standard.

Online ordering

To ensure that we make the order process as straight forward and efficient as possible, we offer an online ordering facility which allows customers to access delivery schedules, prices and instant glass sizes.

Transport flexibility

At Griffin we understand the need for transport flexibility, we have direct contact with our drivers whilst on route and offer timed deliveries, site drops for conservatories and unmarked vehicle.

Responsive after-sales

As part of the Griffin Approach to our customers we pride ourselves on our responsive after-sales department, a dedicated support team in place to ensure that we do everything we can to keep you at the forefront of the marketplace. - We are of the mindset that if something's wrong, we'll put it right and investigate later, - we are totally committed to keeping your business running smoothly.


For further information on Griffin Windows call (01443) 777333

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